Win Samsung Galaxy S5

The new Samsung galaxy S5 phone comes with a 5.1 inch Super AMOLED display with 432 ppi pixel density and it has full HD resolution. It is also IP67 certified which means that it is dust and water resistant. It also packs a 16 megapixel rear camera and a 2 megapixel front camera. Most of these technical details you may already know, but can this be enough to win Samsung galaxy S5 number 1 seller position again? This remains to be seen.
Let’s just check some of the main characteristics of new S5. The exterior design of the phone was pretty much the same as last year’s model -S4; it is just a bit bigger, thicker and heavier than his predecessor. Critics and end users who didn’t like the look of S4 probably won’t like new S5 either. But it’s not what’s been changed outside as much as what has been changed inside that matters with S5. Samsung has made it clear that it doesn’t care much about what people say for the looks of their new flagship. New features are that matters.
First off, S5 is now water resistant. It is well-known fact that you can take your Sony water resistant phone into the pool, make some pictures underwater and after getting out make some calls; according to tests you can do that with S5 also. As a matter of fact, you can keep it submerged for around 30 minutes or so. Score one for Samsung there.
The main camera has been improved in comparison to the last years S4. The S5 comes with a 16 megapixel main camera and a 2 megapixel front camera, so image quality is impressive. With extremely fast auto-focus, selective focus and new HDR Live feature (allowing users to preview HDR settings ahead of image capture). Everything mentioned will be quite popular amongst S5 users. Score two for Samsung here.
S5 runs Android 4.4.2 better known as KitKat powered by Snapdragon 801 processor, support for 128GB SD cards and internal storage of 16 or 32 GB depending on the model. According to Samsung’s officials, battery life is also improved with a new feature that turns the phone display to black and white once the battery goes down to critical charge. It is still unclear how long batteries can last like this. Anyway, score tree for Samsung.
Galaxy S5 also comes with two completely new features – a fingerprint scanner and a heart rate sensor. These features definitely make it stand out from this year’s competition and give it a head start. Samsung has teamed up with pay pall and fingerprint scanner is being used to make payments. This is a nifty feature to have, whether the phone owners will use it or not, will be seen in a few weeks ahead. Score four for this feature.
The next thing about new S5 is its price. It will be released on April 11th, and preorders can already be placed on Amazon, Best Buy and at carriers. The standalone price for phone in US is 650 dollars, for the UK just under 600 £ and for the rest of the Europe just under 750 €. It is also being offered with two year contract by US mobile providers and can be bought for less than 200 dollars. Those willing to wait will most likely be able to get it even cheaper.

Will everything said above be enough to win Samsung galaxy S5 number 1 seller position this year? Maybe, competition is harsh, and each of the major phone manufacturers is jet to release their new flagships. Only one thing is certain – with S5 Samsung has done a great job.


  1. I need a phone plz I would like to win it

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